Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How did I miss this all for so long? Design Observer, Speak up, JH and TBF and Swiss Miss

I started the day by reading the post from VSL Very Short List: a blog I've just begun subscribing to. I discovered it through the Number 17 website as both Emily Oberman and Bonnie Sigler are contributors.
Later in the day I listened to another edition of Design matters.
The topic was Design blogs with guests Rick Poyner of Design Observer and a woman whoops whose name I forget of 'Not Beige'. (love that name for a blog!) and two others whom i also forget. I'm glad I can edit this post later and add in their names.

A digression here.
"Not Beige' makes me think of other companies who names come from definining what they are NOT.
This Aint the Rosedale Library.
and Definitely Not the Opera
but i digress...

Later that day while looking for a font I got drawn into the blog written by the terribly talented typographers Jonathon Hoeffler and Tobias Frere Jones and then later - thorugh Debbie Millman's suggestion --stumbled upon the blog of designer Swiss Miss. (who provided a very cool you tube video of the 5 minute frozen "Happening at Grand Central Station today by Improve the situation" Improv troup)
All these sites were brimming with fabulous images, interesting info, tons of info and inspiration - but almost too much.
I am excited to have just discovered the wonderous world of blogs but accompanying my excitement are two other strong, not entirely positive feelings:
the feeling of having arrived at a party after everyone has been chatting for 4 hours
and the feeling of drowning in a tidal wave of information.

How does anyone find the time to work?

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