Monday, January 5, 2009

Design Loves A Depression

Great article in New York Times yesterday by Michael Canell.
Design Loves A Depression.
via Apartment therapy
Good quotes:

"Design tends to thrive in hard times. In the scarcity of the 1940s, Charles and Ray Eames produced furniture and other products of enduring appeal from cheap materials like plastic, resin and plywood, and Italian design flowered in the aftermath of World War II."

And from Paola Antonelli quoted in the same article -

"What designers do really well is work within constraints, work with what they have. This might be the time when designers can really do their job, and do it in a humanistic spirit."

Yes yay for constraints! restraints! and limitations! All good for aiding creativity.

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Shane Harrison said...

I actually saw that article and the the sentence you bolded really resonated with me. I have noticed that the limits which at first seem like obstacles, getting in the way of what you want to do, always push you to do better & more interesting work, you know?