Saturday, June 27, 2009



Very graphic street cover thingies. Loved them.

Hand lettering at my hotel.
(lots of art on walls in general yay)

Home of Josef Frank textiles.

I seemed very keen so they gave me a catalogue.

Museum of Medieval History.
Stained glass and woodcuts were enlarged and printed on fabric. Very striking.

Textiles by Stig Lindberg.

Stockholm Design highlights:
Hand lettering on the wall around the door entrances in my hotel
*Josef Frank textiles at Svenskt Tenn*
Stig Lindberg pottery + textiles
Olle Eksell illustrations (seen in National museum)
Numbers on doorways
Everything in Gamla Stan
The people! Everyone so beautiful, healthy looking and riding a bike. wow
Note: Am interested in researching more about Estrid Erikson: founder of Svenskt Tenn. I have a feeling she's a guide.

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