Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scandinavia wrap up: Top 10 Design ideas we ought to import to Canada

1.Outdoor squares. So civilized.

2.Cafés with couches in the street. So cozy.

3.More interesting and functional bikes (This one holds a family of 4!)

4.Dual Flush Toliets!!

5.Proper bike lanes (I know, painfully obvious)

6.Signs in Subway that let you know when the next train is coming!

7.Handsome clocks in train stations

8.Bike rack Advertising

9.Bike seat covers (If you are a cyclist you know how handy these would be).

10.Umlauts. Because everything looks so much better with an umlaut.
Right Brüno?

I'm back home. Still lots to post from Berlin, Copenhagen and Reykjavik.

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Anonymous said...

Great design ideas. I like all top 10 ideas. Specially Cafes with couches in the street. Thanks for giving ideas!

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