Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inspiration: Old envelopes

Envelopes are endlessly inspiring with their layers and patina. I love the yellowed paper, overlapping lettering and elaborate stamp on this one.


Unknown said...

I am a big fan, Alanna -- on my office door is the print of yours I bought at Type a few years ago, during a book launch for one of my clients (I was supposed to be paying attention!) Your post about vintage envelopes makes me want to point you to the work of American artist Amy Rice: http://egg-basket-full-of-hollyhock-dolls.blogspot.com/ Two of her prints, on antique journal pages, are on the same door. Marie Campbell

Alanna Cavanagh said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks so much for your note.
Please send along your email so I can invite you to my next show.

Ben J Hamilton said...

I was recently looking through a box of old stamps in my house and one of them had a really eye-catching back to it; it was pink with dainty blue-ink handwriting, only the ink had faded slightly purple. I like accidental beauty…it can be a good motivator