Friday, January 8, 2010

New Work: Poster for Nabs

This is a Pro Bono piece I created with Art director Denver Eastman at draft fcb.
It is in support of Nabs: The National Advertising Benevolent Society
which is a charitable organization that provides assistance to folks in the communications industry, who need help due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties.
I created the scritchy background by scanning in one of my silk screen prints. I then drew the boat, water and lettering by hand and then layered them in using photoshop.
I LOVE how Denver included his type in a torn piece of paper. It adds texture and a nice spontaneous feel to the poster. It also reminds me of Paul Rand's collage work - which is always a good thing.
Below are 2 other ideas I submitted during the sketch process.

I like the mix of Victorian advertising cuts (the boat) and crayon.

This was influenced by the film titles of Saul Bass.
I like the use of a very high horizon line.

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