Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in the Studio: New Brogue Print

New Big Brogue print

A New Screen

The first pass with Ochre ink
I liked how this one looked so I left it alone.
I love when the ink comes out not perfect with lots of texture.
The image reminded me of old wooden shoe lasts as in pic below.

One of my dad's shoe lasts. :-)
Such beautiful objects. I love the patina and mix of wood and metal.

Layer one drying on my fancy drying rack (my guest bed!)

Papering the screen to cover up the parts you dont want to ink to pass through through

Inking the screen for the 2nd pass of black ink

Ta Da

My Prints Drying

This weekend I produced a whole new print: Big Brogue Shoe.
Above is the whole inky process. Partly inspired by the Tucker Martine podcast which I was listening to at the time (in which he encouraged happy accidents) I decided to leave some of the prints alone after the first pass. This print is now available in the silk screen section of my website.
Did I mention Father's Day is coming up?

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