Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lots to think about: Spark 104

Today Spark rebroadcast an episode from February which explored Personal branding and Online friendship. Was a fantastic episode with very smarty pants guests which left you with lots to think about.

A few nuggets:
NY Times writer Anand Giridharadas on BRAND ME
-The internet has forced everyone to become a marketer
-Online people have become more corporate and corporations have become more personal
-Ensuring that everything one posts aligns with your personal brand can be exhausting
-He worries that the emphasis on reputation + explicit self packaging is taking away time from actually working on one's product!
Sadly I agree on this point!

The Online friendship section contained a very sparky debate between Danah Boyd and Bill Deresiewicz (author of Faux Friendship).
You can listen to the whole episode here. Highly recommended.

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Eric said...

You better add an "http://" in front of the programme link.