Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New lettering Work

Charlotte Gainsbourg - has smarts + incredible style. A real muse.
I love working with white lettering on top of photographs.
I am also currently obsessed with drawing garlands.

A bit about my process below.

I start by drawing with a pencil crayon on white paper.
(I love the chalky look you get from a pencil crayon as opposed to a smooth marker look)

Next I scan the image and bring it into Photoshop.
I then invert it under Image - Adjustments.

I then make the background invisible, create a new layer and then place on top of the photo.
This was another idea.
I especially like the look of white text on top of blurry photos.


Melinda Josie said...

Alanna, I love this look too! (We're thinking of doing this over our engagement photos to use as wedding invitations!).

Mika said...

Wowee! That nice.