Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Work: Birdcage pattern

New Birdcage pattern Lime + blue colourway

A peek behind the process

I first do lots of sketches by hand
The first few are always too stiff + perfect
It takes a while (+ music + coffee) to loosen up

Loosening up

Bird sketches which I had on file.

Then I scan my fave sketches into the computer and put the drawing together in Photoshop

Next step is to choose colour

For inspiration I go into my ongoing colour file that I keep on my desktop.
In this case I chose a fabric that I had photographed while at Anthropologie last week.
(Yes secret revealed!)
I thought the combo of lime, blue + taupe was just gorgeous plus it had a real retro look which I was after.

I make up a swatch of the colours

And then used them to colour my illustrations.
* Note: I slighty altered my technique today by opaquely colouring in over the linework of the birds and some of the cage. This gives the illustration a more vintage look as this technique was often used in the 1950s.

After completing 5 birds this way I used the cut + paste keys in Photshop to create a repeat pattern. I then added a light tan colour underneath.

Here are 2 more colourways.

Girly pink and red.

Retro orange + blue.


Miss Crowland said...

LOVE it!

anamanzana said...

Please say it is to be wallpaper. I want it!

Jane Flanagan said...

Ahh! So great to see your process. I love the girly pink one!

Unknown said...

Well, I like the birdcage pattern very much and I appreciate you for these. It really looks great. Keep sharing!

TINA KENT said...

wow! so cool to see how you do it! the pink & red is fabulous.lovT

Unknown said...

This would be an excellent tea towel! I'll take 50.

alex said...

thank-you for the peek into your process! I often say to myself that i should start carrying a camera, and this has decided it -- to collect inspiration like that cloth. lovely.

raynette said...

oh my... mucho mahalo!!!!! thank you for sharing this process with me.