Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspiring visitors: Janice Lindsay + daughter Caroline

Colour expert + writer Janice Lindsay and lovely daughter Caroline

Janice's book

Yesterday Colour and design expert Janice Lindsay paid a visit to my studio along with her daughter Caroline who writes a blog called The Good.

In addition to colour consulting + interior design Janice also writes for many publications including House + Home and The Globe + Mail. For me it was both thrilling + comforting to be around someone who is just as obsessed about colour as I am - maybe even a titch more so!

Janice has written a fantastic book called All about colour. In it she draws upon history, science and interior design to elucidate the wonderous mysteries of colour and to explain it's effect on everyday life. Highly recommended for all you designers out there and "anyone who loves colour or thinks they might if they could just figure out how it works!"

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