Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NYC Day 5: Meeting at Penguin Books

So today was the day I finally met Paul Buckley at Penguin Books.

When I met him my first instinct was to break into the song from Yentl "There are moments you wait for all your life"... but I refrained!

A quick review: Paul is Executive VP Creative Director of Penguin.
He recently edited + designed the book Penguin 75 below which I loved. It contains his hilarious introduction which made me know I'd really like him.

Paul has designed many fab books. You can see his greatest hits here.

Recently he has been working on this stunning Penguin Threads series with embroidery by Jillian Tamaki.
Fall down beautiful methinks. No?


Here is Paul holding up the print he chose. (The very 'off register' one!)

I also had the pleasure of meeting another of my fave designers: Roseanne Serra.
Here she is holding up my Lime slipper chair print.

Roseanne art directed the stunning series with Ruben Toledo above amongst many others.

I also very briefly met Helen Yentus: another absolute fave book designer.

Helen designed the now famous Eat Pray Love cover above amongst many other beauties.

For an extra treat Paul showed me the original embroideries by Jillian Tamaki.
Incredible to see. (!!)

He then hung up my print in the doorway of his office. Yay.
A perfect visit. Thanks so much Paul + co.


A Perfect Gray said...

what a

Jane Flanagan said...

Wow - what an amazing day! So glad you got to do this!!

Thom said...

Congrats Alanna! I'm both impressed and jealous.

Debbie Powell says hello said...

Hi Alanna,
Amazing! looks like you had the best time in NY :)
your penguin print looks right at home in the penguin office!