Thursday, July 28, 2011

The process behind an illustration

This is the process behind my most recent book cover.
The art director's comments are above each sketch.

The book was originally called The Heart Wish.
The main character lives in Manhattan and works as a seamstress for a high end clothier.
She goes ice skating in Central Park one night and meets some special.

I choose to focus on the first point and drew some seamstresses.
(I draw the sketches by hand and then scan into the computer and alter in photoshop)

"We like seamstress 2.
Can you add a snooty customer and the title?"

Whoops -
The editor has decided we should concentrate on the Skating in Central park.
Can you draw some skaters?

We like 3.
Can you crop it more?

The title has been changed to "I wished for you"! Please change.
Also the heroine has a cat... Please add a cat.

Good. Go to colour.

After a few more colour tweeks the art director Justinia adds the author's name and pull quote.
Here is the final cover. (As you can see the cat didn't make it!)


GMD said...

Thanks for posting this, Alanna. G.

Emma said...

I found that thoroughly interesting. Does it drive you crazy when they keep coming back with different demands? Like a complete change in title.