Thursday, August 4, 2011

Atom Egoyen at The Drake

Atom's Egoyen's talk at the Drake tonight was great.

He chose to focus on some of his lesser known side projects which he explained inevitably inform his commercial work. (A favourite theme of mine)
We saw some footage from his film Krapp's Last Tape (based on Samuel Beckett play) and also slides from 2 of his multimedia installation pieces: 'Steenbeckett' at the Museum of Mankind in London and 'Out of Order' from Musée d’art contemporain in Montréal.

Themes discussed:
The virtues of analog vs digital technology
The fact that documenting every moment of our lives is now a give in.

For young filmmakers he lamented the fact that there is no longer a process of apprenticeship but celebrated the fact that through the internet it has never been easier to get your work out there and to learn from other great filmmakers. (He singled out David Fincher's DVD commentaries as exceptionally instructive!)

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