Tuesday, March 19, 2013

News! My first Tattly was launched to today

Happy to announce that my first Tattly was launched today. It is a perky lemon.

Above: My Tattly page. Just love the photography by Brooklyn based Julia Robbs.

Tattlys are temporary tattoos created by designers + illustrators around the world. The company was created by designer Tina Roth Eisenberg - aka swiss miss - who had grown tired of putting poorly designed temporary tattoos on her 5 year old daughter’s arm!

Since launching in 2011 the company has grown in leaps + bounds and Tattlys are now sold in more than 400 countries worldwide. See list of great shops below.
Torontonians take note! The Drake General store is on the list. :-)

Don't you need one of these zesty lemons on your arm to perk up your spring outfit? :-)
Only 5.00 for 2!
You can order here.


Unknown said...

Now we can wear your art? Too cool!

sasha_toronto said...

This is so cool! Finally, I've been waiting for an AC tattly!