Monday, July 29, 2013

Here comes the Kitchen Reno


Ok! Floors are in so is now time for the kitchen reno. Above my humble little kitchen.

Here is my TO DO list:

1. Switch out cabinet doors for new white ones.
2. Change handles
3. Replace fan above stove with stainless steel microwave with built in fan.
4. Create storage above with drywall and sliding doors
5. Add 5 pots lights
6. Add backsplash - white subway tile
7. Change counter.
8. Replace Fridge w Stainless steel
9. Replace Stove w Stainless steel

So that the final result might look something like this below:


This is the kitchen of my design saavy + very handy neighbours Vanja + Calder. 
They started with the identical kitchen to mine!
Isn't their transformation incredible?!
Very exciting for me to see what a change of materials and some smart planning can do.
*I am currently looking for a contractor to do the drywall and storage unit.*
Any recos most welcome. Thanks!
Also if you have any kitchen reno tips you feel inspired to share - Don't hold back! 
I would love to hear.

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Mary deB said...

I thought stainless steel was out of fashion! Perhaps not... Cheaper if true, though! We got blackish formica counters and it took forever for them to arrive because it was a "special" colour and they had to be made in Montreal and trucked down. So they arrived 2 or 3 times with dings and scratches or cut wrong and it was a total nightmare... ack, it's all coming back to me; don't ever renovate your kitchen!!