Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inspiration: Saul Steinberg DVD

DVD sent from Steinberg's niece and director of the film Daniela Roman.

Love this image with combo of line and small slice of photography.
Saul was a Master of collage.

Enclosed Card

French cartoonist expressing his feelings at the sight of Steinberg's work.

Saul's iconic piece for the New Yorker

Exciting for me to see footage of him actually drawing.
Has inspired me to experiment with using pen + ink rather than just marker.

I ordered this DVD on Saul Steinberg from his niece Daniela Roman who co-directed and produced the film along with Thierry Fontaine. She sent it to me from Paris and included a lovely Saul postcard with it. It's a great doc which I know I'll replay again + again for inspiration. Favourite line from film:
From the French Cartoonist Cabu "When I saw Steinberg's work I thought I should put down my pen and find another job". I know that feeling.

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