Monday, September 20, 2010

My Loft Day 1

This space will be foyer/ bedroom /office and silk screen studio

Kim shooting my kitchen and what will be livingroom area.
Umm.. That kitchen lighting fixture will be going pronto!
(I am such a design snob):-)

My very long cement wall
Too raw for me and no good as a surface for hanging art!
Will be drywalled pronto!

A contractor that shows up on time = Dream come true.

Much ado about carpet samples

My neighbourhood (West Queen West) has a ridiculous amount of construction going on at the moment.

Today I got the keys to my loft!
As you can see it is a blank slate and very cementy looking.
My Interior Designer friend Kim is bringing in her expertise and helping me warm it up.
Follow along to see a very dramatic Before and After!

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Jane Flanagan said...

So exciting. A huge huge congratulations to you. It oozes potential and I can't wait to see its progress as you make it your home!