Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here comes the wall and Thoughts on Entryways

With one 7 foot wall a nice wide entryway and private bedroom are created!

Today my contractor began putting in the first of two walls which will divide my big front area into an entryway, bedroom and studio. When the walls are finished I am most excited about working on decorating my entryway! I think entryways are often neglected but given that they are the moodsetter for your entire space... they really ought to get lots of design attention! When done right I think they can be incredibly cozy + welcoming spaces. I plan on defining the area by painting it an interesting colour and then adding lots of storage, a big fun gilded mirror and a lamp on a console or cupboard to cast a welcoming glow upon my guests!

Here's a photo of an entryway done right.
The saturated colour defines the space and makes it look "confident and considered".
I love the mix of a venetian mirror, industrial-looking lamp, and chinoiserie chest against the blue backdrop.
From one of my favourite design books: Domino: The book of Decorating.

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