Monday, June 20, 2011

So funny, so smart: Christoph Niemann

What a cutie.

Christoh discusses how he divides up his 9 hour work day.
(Love the second guessing and 'Inspiration' sections!)

Christoph explains the balance he requires in order to limit stress:
1 wildly creative job with no limitations for every 3 dull ones!
His feelings during the creative process

Today I watched the Creative Morning video from April with Berlin based Illustrator + Designer Christoph Niemann.
Insightful + hilarious and filled with great metaphorical drawings to illustrate his points.
My favourite point: His belief that assignments with 100% creative freedom can be very stressful. As a big fan of limitations I agree!

*Highly recommended for anyone working in a creative field.*
Do yourself a favour and watch this.


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