Monday, September 7, 2009

In a Paris State of mind

Stunning photograph from Vogue Fall 2006
Love the hoop skirt and handpainted mural in bkgd and the birdcage!

Gorgeous apt in Paris SIGH
Love the big ornate mirror and white walls

Again love the big mirror, detailed fireplace and hit of pink!

Frenchy furniture sketches


Coat of arms

Sketch of interior (used in pink dayroom)

Doors with detailed moulding

Trish Grantham's bedroom found on Design Sponge

In both life and work I'm in a Paris state of mind at the moment. Am working on a sketch of a drawing room filled with many french flourishes such as detailed moulding, chandeliers and squiggly birdcages. In life I'm decorating my new space and am aspiring to 'french flea market' complete with white walls, big mirrors, and yes... squiggly birdcages! The photos above are a huge inspiration.

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