Thursday, March 31, 2011

Great style from last night

Sophie B at Toronto Fashion week

Saw this gal Sophie B at the Comrags show last night and had to take a shot of her. Thought she had such a great pulled together style - loved the flowery blouse + peg leg pants and grrr.. how'd she get her hair to go like that? :-) She very much reminded me of a young Fran Liebowitz.

ps. Extra excited as I've just gotten a nice illustration assignment on the topic of androgyny. Sophie will serve as inspiration for it. Can't wait to show you sketches after the piece is published!


Maxmillien said...

Sophie is the radest, love that gal!

S and R said...

love sophie b! i met this girl when we worked together in 2007....we'd just spend all day eating jerky and pears. not much work ever got done.