Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Apartment

For years I've painted almost every wall in my apt grey.
It makes colours like pink, yellow and orange really POP.
On wall: My Penguin book cover silk screen print

I like the look of these three IKEA Ringun rugs together - juicy.

Some art on display in the stairway.
Large painting by Shannon Greene.
Illustration by Carey Sookochef
Alphabet legs and n is for novel prints by me.
ps. Yes yes I'm aware the Keep Calm poster is so "OVA!"

One of my favorite pieces: A decoupage plate by John Derian

The needlepoint shoe pillow I designed and stitched

My office
On wall: Franny goes to school and Large Red Tea pot

My map drawers (Essential for any printmaker and an unwelcome sight for any movers!):-)

Shelf from a former shoe factory purchased at Chair Table Lamp

Day bed in office to lie on when in need of inspiration
On wall: My Big orange scissors print

Vanity table in bedroom
On wall: My Room of One's own silk screen print

Designer and Style writer Arren Williams has asked me to submit some pics of my apt for his 5 Quick Questions series so this weekend I held a little photo session with my apt.


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

I love seeing the homes of creative people - your place is fabulous! I adore all the touches of red and orange, especially your Penguin silk screen prints.

Jane Flanagan said...

I adore your home. I love grey walls too (am just about to paint my bedroom grey) and I have a few John Derian pieces also!

Melinda Josie said...

You should try sending photos to Poppytalk for their new "Home Sweet Home" House Tours! Your apartment is so cute!

Miss Crowland said...

Love it! I still have my 'keep calm' poster in my office. I have a new print to replace it at the ready...just been lazy getting to it.

Debbie Powell says hello said...

your apartment is gorgeous Alanna! very inspiring :)

raynette said...

i agree with Rambling renovators.... i especially love your office. the day bed seems perfect for "those" moments. I am in love love love with your map drawers and other vintage shoe rack (?) shelf.

i had to laugh at your comment about the "keep calm, carry on poster". even though it has become a fad i still think it's a great poster. eventually it will get tossed out, forgotten, and then found again. :)

LL said...

Oh I love your Penguin print! Amazing.