Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Press: Arren Williams

Arren Williams interviewed me for the 5 quick questions section of his blog today. Arren is a stylist, editor and trend reporter. He writes regularly for Canadian House and Home + The National Post plus this winter he was featured in big ads on the sides of buses for the IDS show. (Just had to mention that Arren!) :-)
You can read the interview here.


Juli said...

Ok so weird! I was just on twitter and Arren Williams tweeted about his interview with you so I went to it thinking that your name was familiar. Then I see the email in our inbox and it's you! So funny! It was great to meet you today too! Juli from mjolk.

Jane Flanagan said...

Congrats on this feature Alanna! I enjoyed reading it :)

Unknown said...

Thankfully I am no longer on the side of any public transit, lol, and it was a pleasure to feature you on the blog!