Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nate Williams + Illustration Mundo

Nate's Caderas pillow (means wide hips!)
from his company Hola Amiga

Lion and Molecules pillow

EFII podcast on Illustration Mundo site

Lucky me!! I just won a gorgeous pillow from Nate William's Give away on his blog. All his designs are so great - it was hard to decide which one to choose - but I finally settled on his Caderas design.
I have written about Nate Williams in previous posts. He is a very talented illustrator + the creator of Illustration Mundo: a wonderful site which is filled with lots of resources for illustrators plus a great search engine for art directors to find exactly the artist to fill the job.
(If there are any young illustrators out there reading this post --- I encourage you to join the site - pronto!)
Nate has a very interesting story in that he once worked crazy hours as a programmer in California before realizing he was unhappy and chucked it all to move to Buenos Aires to lead a more rich + fulfilling life.
You can hear all about his journey here in this EFII podcast.
Highly recommended listening. Very inspirational.


Debbie Powell says hello said...

ahh congrats Alanna! its gorgeous!

Shane Harrison said...

you lucky thing! i'm glad you won it :-)

hamed nabahat said...

Congratulations Dear Friend
I'm a cartoonist and I was happy seeing your work