Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New York Day 1

Ok! Finally getting around to posting some photos from my very fun business trip to NYC last week.

Saturday evening I met up with Illustrator/ Surface Designer Helen Dardik in SOHO.

Within an hour of meeting up Helen + I had our first celebrity citing: Photographer Terry Richardson. Ooooh ahh.

One of Helen's Patterns.
I really like the density of her work + her unusual colour combos.

Helen stops to take some shots while strolling through the West Village.

Side Note!: Check out Helen's fabulous Orla Kiely bag which I think could be renamed 
"the official purse of successful artsy woman everywhere."

Over dinner - as expected - Helen had lots of interesting things to say. Wildest discovery = the fact that she's an extreme night owl with regular work hours between 10 pm + 4am. Whoa!
After reading Helen's blog + hearing about her for many years through friends it was great to finally meet her.
You can read my full interview with Helen over on the uppercase blog.

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