Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NYC Day 2:


I attended all 3 days of Surtex with my rep Shelley Brown of i2iart.  As I wrote on the uppercase blog - being at the show can be an exercise in extreme image overload. By the end of the first day I had a strong desire to be put into a sensory deprivation tank with a very large glass of Pinot Grigio. :-) Here were some highlights of Day 1.

1. Magnet Reps

Founder/Director of Magnet Reps Chrystal Falcioni. 

Los Angeles-based Magnet Reps has been in the illustration biz for over 12 years and reps a very strong stable of illustrators including 3 of my all time faves: Emiliano Ponzi (wonderous!!) , Graham Roumieu (such a smarty pants) + Nate Williams (The founder of Illustration Mundo and a very sweet + helpful guy)

The founder Chrystal Falcioni was early to recognize that surface design was poised to become a very important market for illustrators and has been pursuing licensing work for over 8 years. Her booth contained some of the strongest + most unique work in the show.

Crystal shows me a beautiful pattern by Eleanor Grosch (inspired by the traditional patterns of the Otomi people) which went on to become a gorgeous bedding set for Land of Nod. (see below!)

Shelley conducted a quick fire interview with Chrystal of Magnet Reps. You can read it here.

 2. Frank Sturges

 Like Magnet, Frank Sturges is another well established illustration agency which reps a stable of very strong artists.  His booth contained gorgeous banners displaying the work of The Heads of State, Jessica Hische + Gina Triplett.
 A close up of The Heads of State banner.

3. Sorry You're Happy
Kyle Reed + Jen Hsieh of Sorry You're Happy

Sorry You're Happy is a Toronto based studio made up of husband + wife illustrators Kyle Reed + Jen Hsieh. Their corner booth was very fresh looking and beautifully put together.  It was exciting to see that in addition to their own unique work - Kyle + Jen were exhibiting work from two other Toronto based illustrators Katy Dockrill + Aaron Leighton.

More on Sorry You're Happy on the uppercase blog here.

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