Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NYC Day 4

A Visit to the Lilla Rogers booth
Artist Alison Cole (who matched her playful work so nicely with her polka dots +orange sweater)
 Jennifer - an agent at Lilla Rogers + artist Helen Dardik
 Jennifer Judd-McGee (sporting a jaunty Orla scarf!)
 Jennifer's panel.

 The work of Carol Gavin.
 Jon Cannell's banner.
Helen in front of her banner.
(Note she looks suspiciously similar to the masked girl behind her- he he)
 More banners from Susy Pilgrim Waters, Susy Ultman and Cartolina.
Lilla herself (!) holding up some of her brand new work done in a new collage style.

After following Lilla and her agency for over 15 years (ever since I became an illustrator).... it was a thrill to finally meet her in person. Lilla exuded a super positive energy and was very generous with her answers.
You can read my full interview with her here.
Next a visit to PRNT studio's SURTEX booth.

PRNT is a brand - spanking - new studio founded by the young designers above: Jenna Russelle + Halla Koudsi. The two founders have backgrounds in the illustration + fashion worlds respectively and met while working in the apparel industry in Toronto.

In addition to their own designs PRNT carries patterns created by several different artists which results in an enormous variety of work available within one studio. See samples below. Most of their patterns have a highly illustrative vibe and would work wonderfully in the fashion, home + paper goods markets.


After finishing up with Surtex I quickly ran through the ICFF (many stunning booths + equally stunning looking people!) and then did quick peruse of the National Stationary show. 
The highlight there was a visit with Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.   
Lookout for an interview with her in an issue of uppercase later this year!

(ps. Apologies for the fuzzy photo. One of these days I'll learn to adjust my camera settings....)
Well maybe....

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