Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NYC Day 3

Me in Hell's Kitchen
Lourdes Sanchez's agent Len at his Insytes Design Group booth
 Jenna Russelle + Halla Koudsi (Such beauties - no?!) of PRNT studio at the Exhibitor's Happy Hour party.

A close up of Halla's groovy pants.
Anita + Jon of Rollout Custom Wallpaper.
Important note: After this photo was taken Jon very kindly gave me the addresses to all the ICFF parties taking place that evening. (see below!)
Thanks Jon - I owe you. :-)
 A good time was had by all.
Coming home in the cab.
I love that NYC taxi's have GPS maps in back seat. Very grounding - especially after several glasses of champagne. he he.

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