Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone.
This is one of 13 images I illustrated for a 2009 calendar for Workopolis.
I worked with Creative Director Carolyn Verkuyl.
Below are a few more months I created.
I used a silk screen background and very minimal colour.
The Light bulb image below was inspired by Saul Bass, one of my favorite designers.

Perfect is the Enemy of Done

I've been reading The Huffington Post Complete guide to Blogging over the holidays.
It's full of all sorts of helpful advice such as "Perfect is the Enemy of Done".
In that spirit -- my first new year's resolution is definitely to be more done than perfect.
One of the contributors Gretchen Rubin also explains that it's easier to blog every day than it is 3 or 4 times a week because you get into a rhythm, loosen up and stay engaged with the topic.
So in the spirit of that thought -- my second resolution of 2009 is to try to blog atleast 5 days a week. Why do i feel like about 823 people just typed the same thing in the last hour?
Happy New Year dear readers. May 2009 be wonderful for you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Press: Wish Magazine Winter 09

'Orange Scissors' silkscreen in Living Room

Lovely family.

'S is for Swing' print in Simon + Henry's bedroom

"An Intelligent woman's guide" Penguin book cover print in hallway

The home of my fabulous friends Liz + Steve is featured in this month's issue of Wish magazine.
The article which was written by Tanya Linton is entitled Fabulous Family Style with the tag line
" Anyone who thinks a cool pad and kids don't mix hasn't had the privilege of seeing when it does". Several of my silk screen prints appear in the spread including Big Orange scissors, S is for Swing and one of my Penguin book covers.
The shoot was produced by Suzanne Dimma -one of my favorite interior designers.
The issue is on newstands now - sadly it's Wish's last issue!

Press: Canadian House + Home

My Room of One's Own print appears in the December 08 issue of Canadian House and Home.

It's partially blocked by a tray of donuts (very glamourous).
Here's an image of the print in full as well as a shot of it "in situ" to give you a sense of the scale of it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Artist's Gallery on BlogT0

Blog TO set up an artist's gallery and asked me to participate.