Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free talk with Tyler Brulé tonight

Wallpaper founder/ Monocle Editor Tyler Brulé is speaking at OCAD tonight at 5:30. 100 McCaul St.
See you there.

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Work: Valentine

Copyright Alanna Cavanagh 2013.


Lourdes on What's in your Toolbox

My friend Lourdes (Sanchez) is featured on What's in your toolbox on Design Sponge. 

 The interview is by Ginny Branch Stelling and it's funny, honest, self deprecating + inspiring.
Delicious photos too.
Love this photo in Lourdes studio - especially the Paul Klee in bkgd.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some new sketches

These are some sketches from a book cover project I was recently working on.
The protagonist of the story is a 12 year girl who loves to read.

(A person immersed in a good book is one of my absolute favourite subjects to draw and always reminds me of my dear brother Shawn who loved to read*)
 After sketching I narrow it down to the above 2 drawings.
 I decide I like this gal with the bangs best and place her in a wing chair.

I decide it'd be a fun and cozy touch to add fabric to the piece so i scan some burnt velvet fabric  and place it into the drawing using Photoshop. To be continued....

* ps. One day I'd love to do a show solely dedicated to images of readers and dedicate the show to my brother Shawn. Now that I've put that in print - I guess I'll have to do it. :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uppercase magazine + my friend Scott

The latest issue of Uppercase magazine arrived yesterday. It was filled with all sorts of juicy features as usual but my favourite part was seeing the sweet face of my friend Scott Linder beaming from the contributor's page.

 Scott drew upon his own incredible collection of books to write his thoughtful + funny article.

Readers of this blog will have seen Scott's face several times in the past as he is my constant companion whenever I am in New York. With his saavy sense of the city + a deep knowledge of literature, art, and design - he is truly the ultimate tour guide! 

Scott Linder in his natural habitat: rifling through treasures at the Strand bookstore.

Scott maintains a fantastic tumblr called bookshelftherapy.
It is quirky and wise and wonderful.... just like him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New York May 19th -21st 2013.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Way to go Lena Dunham.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New sketches: Circus guys

I'm working on a detailed pattern with lots of figures in a circus theme. 
It is inspired by the quirky + very dense wallpapers of Saul Steinberg.
Above is Mr. Flying Trapeeze. We-e-e-e.

Here is Mr. Acrobat with a pennyfarthing.
I was happy with his hairy chest and the loose/unperfectness of the wheels.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Favourite discovery of 2012: Michelle Yee of Soft Mechanic

My favourite discovery of the past year was massage therapist Michelle Yee of Soft Mechanic.

I discovered Michelle when she entered a give away for one of my prints on the Marion house blog.

I clicked on her name and when I saw she was a RMT I immediately thought "Ooh Ahh Barter!".
(I do hope Canada Revenue Services is not reading this post).
As Michelle is a self described "serious decor enthusiast + art lover" she let me know she'd love to do a trade of her massage services in exchange for prints. (Lucky me).

*There's several things about Soft Mechanic treatments that make them extra special.*

First off - as is clear from her sweetly welcoming website* Michelle is an extremely warm + thoughtful therapist who cares deeply about her practice.
I love this line from her site:
"I believe in the restorative power of beauty, the preciousness of little things and the grandness of giving ourselves permission to rest."
Isn't that great?
Michelle  takes extra care to make sure I feel welcome + comfortable at all times... plus she provides the most BLISSFUL massage EVAH! (EVAH said in Brooklyn accent)

Secondly the treatments take place in Michelle's home which is recently renovated and quite gorgeous..so the visits are a complete treat for the eyes as well as muscles. I never fail to leave feeling 'decor inspired' -plus motivated to clean my apt more and finally buy that waffle shower curtain! If you book an appointment make sure not to miss her vintage globe collection and fabulous marble tile in the bathroom.

 One of my favourite spaces: Treatment room at Soft Mechanic

Lastly Michelle's music is in complete contrast to the icky new age stuff that is normally pumped into spa rooms. She plays lots of cozy indie folks** like Patrick Watson, Elliot Smith, + Nick Drake plus lots of current bands I've never heard of...so I always have a few names to look up on itunes when I get home with my relaxed body. :-)

Going to Michelle's house was definitely a highlight  of 2012 + very importantly provided much needed comfort to me during a difficult second half of last year.

I feel incredibly lucky to have met her and can not recommend her enough.
xxx to you Michelle.

* Designed by the talented Avery Swartz fyi!

**Also known as The Sad Bastard playlist. :-)