Friday, May 31, 2013

The Artscape Salon

Last Wednesday I had a ton of fun participating in Artscape's Annual Fundraising Salon at Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park. This year's theme was Picnic in the Park.
Here is the group of speakers chosen for the evening  

(Back Row) Cara Eastcott, Thompson Egbo-Egbo, Sue Cohen, Richard Marsella, Mona Filip, Tim Svirklys, David Macfarlane, David Buchbinder, Farley Flex, Dan Yashinsky, ( Front Row) Ambur Braid, Me, Sam Shuter, Lisa Rochon, Darren O’Donnell, Jason Collett, Clarence Ford, Komi Olaf.
Veronica Tennant was also a speaker.

  The Event began with a fun cocktail reception.

Artscape Salon Co-chairs Shelley Black + Vaughn Stafford Grey then took to the stage to explain how the “salon-style dinner party” would work...

The event was set up as a sort of "Speed dating" with artists in that the speakers were asked to travel from table to table after each dinner course with the mandate to discuss the role of art in Toronto plus stimulate scintillating discussion! (no pressure there!)

As the theme was Picnic in the Park I thought it oh so appropriate to bring along my Fruit Tattlys which I had just picked up from the Tattly team in NYC. 
 Guests were encouraged to choose a Tattly of their choice.
 Several guests chose two and insisting on putting them on immediately! (Good sports)
 Watermelon + champagne = good combo.

Opera Singer Ambur Braid in intense discussion
Janice Lyndsay with the delicious Spring Torchietti provided by Enoteca Sociale - yum!

Her husband David McFarlane with emphatic hand gestures!

Two of my favourite guests from the evening.
(Unfortunately, unlike the speakers, they did not have to wear name tags!)
I shall track them down....) :-)

  After dinner Councillor Mike Layton put his family’s legendary auctioneering skills to good use for the live auction.
My Room of One's Own print was first in line.

Here is the lovely guest Jodi who went home with my print.
(I had to give her an apple tattoo - in celebration - but ofcourse)

 Me + Vaughan at end of evening

The evening was a complete blast from start to finish!
You can see the full set of photos here:

Thank you Artscape!  

Photos above (with exception of Tattlys!) courtesy of Garrison McArthur Photographers

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lemon Heads!

Designer Heather Shaw of pi'lo sent me these great photos of her boys sporting my Lemon Tattly on the weekend.

In case you missed my post the first time..... Tattly is a temporary tattoo company founded in Brooklyn by well known graphic designer Tina Roth Eisenberg. (aka Swiss Miss)
My Tattly page is below.

I have new Tattly's coming out soon! and they played a big part at the Artscape Salon which I participated in last week.
Photos of that very fun event coming tomorrow!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Covet Garden needs your help

Hey Design Lovers!!
Covet Garden is raising money through Indiegogo to publish a print version of their lovely magazine.

Click here to to help them out. 
A 30.00 contribution = a copy of the book delivered to your door!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Photos from NYC and Surtex

Lotta Jansdotter + her assistant Laura with Illustrators Tracy Walker + Betsy Everitt
Setting up our i2iart booth
Illustrator Ian Philips with the custom made plates + pillows we made for our booth

Ian's Truck Pattern
I think this would be perfect for boy's bedding. :-)

 Closeups of my Melamine plates
My brogue shoe illustration which I chose for my pillow

Tracy's banner
I really love this wintery pattern. Subtle and sophisticated.

Some of Katy's Dockrill's adorable work.
(I love this mouse and again i think great for bedding or fabric!)

Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss miss checking out our work for some Tattlys!
(Note her Tatted up arm)
Swiss Miss and Illustrator Betsy Everitt looking at Betsy's badger pattern
In background: The fabulous Nate Williams!! and his lovely rep Crystal of Magnet Reps.
To the left you can also see the tip of Frank Sturges' booth.
One of Betsy's great illustrations 

 Monica Melnychuk beside her banner
Closeup of Monika's owl pattern - Adorable.
 My agent Shelley Brown + Arren Williams, Creative Director of Home at The Bay

Sarah Watts 
I just loved her quirky + layered booth
In a tweet I described it as "Edward Gorey meets Hipster Haunted House"

 Fellow Torontonian Elizabeth Olwen and her sweet booth
Loved her fresh flower bouquets
Bekka Palmer + Sarah Anderson at Tattly's great minimal booth 
at the National Stationary show
Love the huge photo of the woman with all the Tatts!
Yoko Ohama of Tattly just after planting my lemon Tattly on my arm

And Beyond the Javit's centre....
 My sweet friend Scott working at the fantastic 192 Books in Chelsea.
Bryant Park
A great place to unwind after a long day

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Featured on Print and Pattern

Today I was featured on Print and Pattern - a very popular surface design blog created by UK based designer Marie Perkins. Marie has published 2 books on surface design: Print and Pattern 1 + 2 - both of which I highly recommend - and is soon to release a third: Print + Pattern The Kid edition!

You can read the full post here

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Ring Ring pattern

This is brand new pattern I created this week which I will be showing at SURTEX this month.
I think it'd make a fun wallpaper in a girl's room. I could also see it being used on fabric.
Ring Ring comes in 3 colour ways: retro pink, mint, and grey.

Below are my initial sketches for the pattern - drawn with a glass of rosé in hand FYI!

I was inspired to draw them after settling into the latest episode of Mad Men on Sunday night and catching an image of Trudy picking up the receiver of a fabulous orange 60s telephone.
I often find my favourite sketches are those done when I'm relaxed and have just settled into doing something else. :-)