Thursday, March 31, 2011

New sketches with pen + ink

Experimenting with pen, ink and tracing paper. (as opposed to markers)

I really like how using a crow quill pen inevitably produces big inky blobs.
(happy accidents)

For reference I use both art history books + Google images.

A bunch of vases.
Next I'm going to incorporate these drawings into a new wallpaper pattern. Stay tuned.

For a while now I've been looking to thicken the line work of my drawings so this week I experimented with a traditional crow quill pen, nib + india ink as opposed to the Staedtler markers that I usually draw with. I also switched up my regular paper with tracing paper as I had recently read these were Andy Warhol's choice of materials!* I was really pleased with the results. The combo of materials resulted in a fluid, thicker + more varied line with plenty of accidental ink blobs which I love.
Experiments will continue!

* Note: After Andy drew on the tracing paper he then blotted it onto an absorbent piece of paper. In this way he produced his famous blotted line which I adore. There is a tutorial on his technique here. Thanks Joyce!

Special lunch with Sasha at the AGO's restaurant FRANK.
(love the name - named after Frank Gehry who designed the wonderous reno)

Great style from last night

Sophie B at Toronto Fashion week

Saw this gal Sophie B at the Comrags show last night and had to take a shot of her. Thought she had such a great pulled together style - loved the flowery blouse + peg leg pants and grrr.. how'd she get her hair to go like that? :-) She very much reminded me of a young Fran Liebowitz.

ps. Extra excited as I've just gotten a nice illustration assignment on the topic of androgyny. Sophie will serve as inspiration for it. Can't wait to show you sketches after the piece is published!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My neighbour Jeff of Joy tshirt

My neighbour Jeff (running on very little sleep!)

The inky tshirt press.

Lovely Assistant Sophie

My neighbour Jeff two doors over runs a great little company called joy tshirt.
This week he had a crazy order to fill of 1100 tshirts (yep) so I helped him out a bit plus grabbed some shots of his studio in full production mode! It's so great to have Jeff as a neighbour - not only is he a sweet guy + great cook but if I ever run out of ink at 10pm I know I can knock on his door.
I heart my Artscape community. :-)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beginning work on new Penguin Print

Here is the Room of One's Own print
Note upright penguin!

Here is the screen used to make it.

Close up of Upright penguin on screen

Here is the title requested by Paul

Step1: Create your image.

Step 2: In Photoshop separate the image out into layers; one for each colour.

Step 3: Make each layer 100 % black as in below:

Layer one will be screened in orange Layer two will be screened in black

I am finally getting down to creating a custom print ordered by Paul Buckley, Creative Director of Penguin books USA. When I created my first series of prints I chose to use the "upright penguin"with all the titles which meant that I could use the same large screen for all 4 prints. The cover Paul has requested however contains the "chubby folded over penguin" rather than the upright one which means I need to make a brand new large screen. Above I have listed the steps in beginning to make a new screen. When you have completed the 3 steps as in above Step 4 is to create "film" by transfering the image onto acetate.

Because my image is so large I need go to a print shop to have it enlarged. My favourite printer for this task is Midtown reproductions on Adelaide St. in Toronto.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Feast for The Eyes: Y + CO

The showroom. wow.

Luscious fabrics by Hable Construction
Soooo fresh looking.

On Left: Raoul Textiles: vibrant interpretations of historical patterns

On Right: John Robshaw: Hand blocked textiles.
(check out that pink and orange combo!)

Great Alphabet soup rug by Oliver Yaphe - a rug company run by Ali's sister Katherine Yaphe.
Love the sophisticated colour combo of limey green +periwinkle blue.

Two amazing fabrics by Christopher Farr
Just loved this balustrade pattern which is titled 36 24 36

Vanderhurd Hand embroidered textiles

Neither Ali or her assistant Kelly wanted to pose for a photo so I had to settle for the furry showroom mascot!

Today I headed to the heart of the Design District on Davenport Rd. and visited Y + Co. Carpet and Textile. I met up with the owner Ali Yaphe and when I entered her showroom I almost fell over at the sight of so many luscious patterns + saturated colours together in one space. For those not familiar...Y + Co. carries a huge assortment of carpets by some of the biggest names in the rug biz including David Hicks + Madeline Weinrib.

Recently the company has also expanded into textiles (!!) and carries fabric + wallpaper by a juicy collection of designers including Lulu DK, Raoul Textiles, and two of my absolute faves: Hable Construction and Galbraith + Paul.

I spent an hour and a half roaming through Y+ Co's extensive collection and left feeling inspired and full up with colour + pattern!

Y + Co.
247 Davenport Rd. Toronto.
Highly recommended.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"If an opportunity comes your way that scares you, you have to take it."
Tina Roth Eisenberg

via swiss miss + inspiring video on Humble Pied

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arren Williams' Salon Wall

Design writer + Stylist Arren Williams posted about his salon wall today. It includes the black version of my Brooks Brothers suit print. FYI this version is printed on beautiful Kiraku Kozo Japanese paper and is available. Please contact me for pricing and delivery options.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspiration: J. Crew ads + Real People!

This is Bridgette with great style.

From the latest brilliant email campaign from J. Crew.
In this one the company asked 9 J. Crew employees to show how they'd wear their capris. Each woman imbued them with her own unique style.

J. Crew really knows how to sell stuff.

Also - is very significant to note that the rise of design blogs like the Sartorialist has led to companies using real people in their ad campaigns. These women are much more inspirational than skinny 15 year olds. yay. Christine Lemieux of Dwell Studio recently made a similar point that the best interior design these days is coming from real people.

Inspiration: Allegra Hicks

I am continuing to work on patterns this week.
This Interview with Allegra Hicks + Suzanne Dimma from the IDS show is inspirational.
Thanks Kim.:-)


Finally finished painting the wall in my entrance way. This is Beautione Light House Red and this sucker took 4 coats.
Painting note: Red is is the toughest colour to paint with. Difficult to get good coverage. Not for the faint of heart!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hallways on my mind

Photo via The Marion House book via Lonny

I am painting my hallway this week and thinking about possible arrangements. Coincidentally Emma had a great post today on styling console tables which included some great ideas + pics. I think the asymmetrical arrangement in this photo makes for a very cozy + welcoming entry way.

My hallway below is not quite there yet!

I'm painting the wall "Lighthouse red".

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wanted: Victorian settee

Spotted this little Victorian couch at Shop girls on Queen today.
Would love to find one like it for my entranceway.
If you have one hiding in your basement let me know.

New Tumblr Account: Pure imput

My first two Tumblr posts.

Kim's gorgeous orange tulips in her wonderful black + white kitchen. Kim follows Apt Therapy's belief that fresh flowers = a happy home.

The photography of stylist and photographer Pia Jane Bijerk.
Simply stunning.

I started a Tumblr account yesterday. Despite the fact that I feel there are far too many social media doo-hickys going on these days I decided that Tumblr might be a very handy way for me to keep a running inspiration board in digital form. I constantly find images that rock my world but they often hang out on my desk top and never make it to the blog due to lack of time. (Can you relate?) Am hoping Tumblr will solve this problem and result in a juicy stream of images representing the visual imput entering my brain on a daily basis.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nerd out!

Yesterday I started to take a course on the History of Furniture at George Brown College.
My professor Rachel Finer is fantastic.