Sunday, March 31, 2013

Inspiration: Dorothea Lange

Am listening to a documentary on Dorothea Lange.
She's the photographer who took the iconic Migrant woman photograph during the depression.

Inspiring, Kick Ass woman.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Design Salon: The Brunch Edition

Last Sunday my Design gals got together over brunch in Heather's Shaw's lovely home.
(When I'm at Heather's house I feel like I'm walking around in a decor magazine come to life :-).

Love this pic.
Note Alanna's ever present note book.
 Heather talks business. :-)
Delicious brunch including spinach and cheese strata (yum) buttery croissants + yellow tulips!
And LOVE the shabby comfy chair in the middle of the kitchen! Oh Yeah.
For a full tour of Heather's gorgeous house see the Aug 2012 back issue of Covet Garden magazine here.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: The Everyday Bangle

With Mother's Day approaching I'm inspired today to put in a plug for my friend Liz Kingstone.
Liz makes gorgeous jewelry and is also one of the most fearlessly creative people I know.  
I've written about her many times before - here + here + here!)

Liz's own Everyday bangle in silver with the names of her 3 boys custom stamped on to it.
Also shown: the Everyday bangle in brass

The Everyday bangle has long been one of Liz's best sellers. Why so loved?

1. Each bangle is handmade so the piece has a beautiful edgy imperfectness to it. 
2. It has weight + presence but can also blend in with other pieces. 
3. Very comfortable - Liz never takes her off!
4. Makes an IDEAL GIFT as Liz can custom stamp the names of your nearest and dearest on them for a truly special piece. (Great for Grandnothers + Mom in laws too)

ps. Some Celebrity name dropping:  
Liz counts Cindy Crawford amongst her loyal customers. OOh Ahh
Here is Liz rocking her Everyday bangle.

 The Everyday Bangle
Solid sterling silver or solid warm brass
Up to 10 names custom stamped
To order: lizkingstone(at)

 And this just in ... Liz has now started to make Custom sterling silver cufflinks.
See above. Perfect for Father's Day.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

News! My first Tattly was launched to today

Happy to announce that my first Tattly was launched today. It is a perky lemon.

Above: My Tattly page. Just love the photography by Brooklyn based Julia Robbs.

Tattlys are temporary tattoos created by designers + illustrators around the world. The company was created by designer Tina Roth Eisenberg - aka swiss miss - who had grown tired of putting poorly designed temporary tattoos on her 5 year old daughter’s arm!

Since launching in 2011 the company has grown in leaps + bounds and Tattlys are now sold in more than 400 countries worldwide. See list of great shops below.
Torontonians take note! The Drake General store is on the list. :-)

Don't you need one of these zesty lemons on your arm to perk up your spring outfit? :-)
Only 5.00 for 2!
You can order here.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Month of Great Design in Toronto

The last 30 days has been absolutely chalk full of great design adventures in Toronto including:
 1. A super inspirational talk by Jonathan Adler at the DX
(Took 6 pages of notes!)
 2. A visit to Kevin Austin's stunning new shop Vintage Fine Objects in Corktown
(Could buy everything in the shop!)
 The Opening of Revealing The Early Renaissance at The AGO (curated by my friend Sasha Suda) (So proud of her!)

A fashion show of Comrags' Fall Winter 2013 Collection at Andrew Richard Designs
(Loved the clothes + check out this new swanky event space!)

All were very juicy experiences and deserving of their own post -- which will come next week when I'm caught up on my illustration work! Stay tuned.
Toronto - you are a great design city and sometimes terribly distracting. :-)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Drawing

A couple weeks ago I watched Episode 6 of GIRLS Season 2. (The one that featured Marnie + evil Booth Jonathan + that great plastic dress)
When Marnie appeared at the bathroom door I just had to draw her.

Here's the screen grab which the drawing in based on.