Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New work: More illustrations for the LCBO

Here are a few more illustrations I did for the LCBO.
This was for a video on fortified wine.
The woman's face with the roman nose reminds me Leandra Medine of Man Repeller (who I adore)
I gave her a classic red Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. 
The LCBO requested something very current for the fella's wardrobe so I consulted the spring J Crew catalogue! His outfit is based on their very sharp Ludlow suit.  
 These folks were also drawn for the fortified wine video. Ever since getting my hair cut I find I love drawing woman with short hair. yay! The guy's outfit is again based on j crew items and the couch is inspired by the Spencer sofa at Style Garage which i have long lusted over....

In both videos the figures were cropped. These are the full versions with heads.
Here is your friendly LCBO employee ready to help you choose your bottle of red!
He appears in all 7 videos.

 Little vintagey globe which appears in videos and in print.

Thanks so much to the LCBO and Blammo for the great gig.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Here comes the Kitchen Reno


Ok! Floors are in so is now time for the kitchen reno. Above my humble little kitchen.

Here is my TO DO list:

1. Switch out cabinet doors for new white ones.
2. Change handles
3. Replace fan above stove with stainless steel microwave with built in fan.
4. Create storage above with drywall and sliding doors
5. Add 5 pots lights
6. Add backsplash - white subway tile
7. Change counter.
8. Replace Fridge w Stainless steel
9. Replace Stove w Stainless steel

So that the final result might look something like this below:


This is the kitchen of my design saavy + very handy neighbours Vanja + Calder. 
They started with the identical kitchen to mine!
Isn't their transformation incredible?!
Very exciting for me to see what a change of materials and some smart planning can do.
*I am currently looking for a contractor to do the drywall and storage unit.*
Any recos most welcome. Thanks!
Also if you have any kitchen reno tips you feel inspired to share - Don't hold back! 
I would love to hear.

New work: Rosé illustrations for LCBO

Here are some rosé illos I recently created for the LCBO. They appear in the online video + in the instore flyers. As a big fan of rosé these were very fun to do!
This illo was based on a bottle of Tavel. 
One of my fave rosés. mmmm

 Happy host with an outfit based on a comrags dress.

More rosé ... this time in the light blush version.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sketch: Tufted couch

 I came across this sketch I originally did for the Style at Home booth at the IDS show in 2011.
See here. 
 It didnt make the cut for the mural but have always liked it so decided to revisit today and complete with some colour. ps. I do all my drawing by hand using pen + paper, then scan in and colour in photoshop.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Covet Garden - Jenn Hannotte's home + my lemon tattly

I'm totally inspired by the gorgeous home of Interior Designer Jenn Hannotte featured in the latest issue of Covet Garden.
I really love her delicious mix of materials + time periods for eg the antique warm wood combined with the bright white IKEA cabinet in this shot. 
I also love that many of her savvy reno ideas are very budget friendly!
For eg she repainted these kitchen cupboards instead of buying new and used plywood for flooring.
Love the mix of the kilm +marble table in this shot.
Total inspiration for my own home.
Both photos by Jodi Pudge.

The issue also contains a photo by Ashley Capp featuring my lemon Tattly.
Thanks Covet Garden and Ashley for making my work look so good!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reno Update: My new Floor!

Ok Decor lovers... New flash: Last week - at long last I got my floor installed.
Readers of this blog will know that it has been a bit of a search for me to find a floor I could love. mmm ... That would be an understatement. BLUSH.

In my search I found many of the floors out there to be very varnished + fakey looking. I felt allergic to them. :-( My goal was to find a floor that looked like it was out of a cottage with a natural + beat up quality and no icky varnish! Happy to say I finally found that floor at Nadurra.

The floor I finally chose is a Wide plank White Oak from Nadurra's Rustic Neue collection. 
As you can see there is a ton of variation between the planks and a gorgeous matt finish. 
Just what I was looking for.

Here is a closeup of the wood.
Look at those knots baby!

In addition to having gorgeous, FSC approved products the customer service at Nadurra is exceptional.  Rob Kingsley gave me very personalized attention and helped me with selection, delivery and follow up. Can't recommend him enough.

Thanks must also be sent to Kim, Janet, Gaby, and Donna who were all incredibly helpful during my flooring saga. So glad it's over. I never wanna look at another floor sample again. :-)
Now onto the kitchen reno!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ingenious Double Duty furniture

So I have been in reno mode for a few weeks now....
I have been trying to figure out how to accommodate my huge map drawers (where I store my prints) plus have a guest bed.
Et Voila:  The solution below!
Just love this very smart piece built by Fugitive Glue in Toronto.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tattly Birthday Sale

Tattly is two years old this week! Order by this Sunday and get 50% off your entire order.
Oooh ahh.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Images from June

I've been away from my blog for a while... It's catch up time.
Here are some favourite images from June.
 Hijinks with great Artscape Neighbours Paula and Greg.

More hijinks with Artscapers including Robbie Grunewald above (and his Gin Fizz)
 Printing some more kitchen prints

Design salon!
Kim, Jessica and Donna
Jessica, peonies and birdie plates!

Colleen, Lynda and Heather.

Very attractive Tattly model: Photographer Jon Loek
 Sassy Sasha and my pear Tattly
Puppeteer Clea Minaker and her fabulous legs
from the amazing documentary
I can't recommend this documentary enough.

Another screen grab from the documentary
Watching Casablanca in David Pecaut Sqaure courtesy of TIFF
Toronto looked so beautiful that night.
FYI Free films every Wednesday all summer!
See the schedule here
Play it again Sam.
 Greg Oh and Drake breakfast.