Thursday, May 31, 2012

NYC Day 6

A short day in the city--
just time enuf time to pop into Uniqlo and see that Orla Kiely had just done a huge line for them.
Lookee: You can buy on line here.
It was quite strange to see her stuff in bulk and at super affordable prices after visiting her posh Soho shop the day before - and especially after attending a Surface design show all about licensing + branding.

This scarf was 12.99 ooh ahh.
After a harrowing flight with American Airlines (Never again!:-)) I'm back home.

NYC Day 5

A visit to Orla Kiely's new shop in SOHO at 5 Mercer St.
I loved how the rough industrial exterior contrasted with the sweet little sign. (see white arrow)
Interior of Orla's shop. Very bold wallpaper.
The new Dwell Studio shop at 77 Wooster. Still setting up... hence the boxes!
Opening June 2012.

A visit to the lobby of the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. SIGH. My favourite lobby ever.
(This is Robert's DeNiro's hotel that he had built and designed to exacting standards)
Just loved loved the warm layered mix of tile, lime green velvet chairs, juicy flowers + paintings and that wonderful stripey couch
(Must find the name of the Interior designer)
377 Greenwich St.

Dinner next door with Scott + Amet at Locanda Verde. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NYC Day 4

A Visit to the Lilla Rogers booth
Artist Alison Cole (who matched her playful work so nicely with her polka dots +orange sweater)
 Jennifer - an agent at Lilla Rogers + artist Helen Dardik
 Jennifer Judd-McGee (sporting a jaunty Orla scarf!)
 Jennifer's panel.

 The work of Carol Gavin.
 Jon Cannell's banner.
Helen in front of her banner.
(Note she looks suspiciously similar to the masked girl behind her- he he)
 More banners from Susy Pilgrim Waters, Susy Ultman and Cartolina.
Lilla herself (!) holding up some of her brand new work done in a new collage style.

After following Lilla and her agency for over 15 years (ever since I became an illustrator).... it was a thrill to finally meet her in person. Lilla exuded a super positive energy and was very generous with her answers.
You can read my full interview with her here.
Next a visit to PRNT studio's SURTEX booth.

PRNT is a brand - spanking - new studio founded by the young designers above: Jenna Russelle + Halla Koudsi. The two founders have backgrounds in the illustration + fashion worlds respectively and met while working in the apparel industry in Toronto.

In addition to their own designs PRNT carries patterns created by several different artists which results in an enormous variety of work available within one studio. See samples below. Most of their patterns have a highly illustrative vibe and would work wonderfully in the fashion, home + paper goods markets.


After finishing up with Surtex I quickly ran through the ICFF (many stunning booths + equally stunning looking people!) and then did quick peruse of the National Stationary show. 
The highlight there was a visit with Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.   
Lookout for an interview with her in an issue of uppercase later this year!

(ps. Apologies for the fuzzy photo. One of these days I'll learn to adjust my camera settings....)
Well maybe....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NYC Day 3

Me in Hell's Kitchen
Lourdes Sanchez's agent Len at his Insytes Design Group booth
 Jenna Russelle + Halla Koudsi (Such beauties - no?!) of PRNT studio at the Exhibitor's Happy Hour party.

A close up of Halla's groovy pants.
Anita + Jon of Rollout Custom Wallpaper.
Important note: After this photo was taken Jon very kindly gave me the addresses to all the ICFF parties taking place that evening. (see below!)
Thanks Jon - I owe you. :-)
 A good time was had by all.
Coming home in the cab.
I love that NYC taxi's have GPS maps in back seat. Very grounding - especially after several glasses of champagne. he he.

NYC Day 2:


I attended all 3 days of Surtex with my rep Shelley Brown of i2iart.  As I wrote on the uppercase blog - being at the show can be an exercise in extreme image overload. By the end of the first day I had a strong desire to be put into a sensory deprivation tank with a very large glass of Pinot Grigio. :-) Here were some highlights of Day 1.

1. Magnet Reps

Founder/Director of Magnet Reps Chrystal Falcioni. 

Los Angeles-based Magnet Reps has been in the illustration biz for over 12 years and reps a very strong stable of illustrators including 3 of my all time faves: Emiliano Ponzi (wonderous!!) , Graham Roumieu (such a smarty pants) + Nate Williams (The founder of Illustration Mundo and a very sweet + helpful guy)

The founder Chrystal Falcioni was early to recognize that surface design was poised to become a very important market for illustrators and has been pursuing licensing work for over 8 years. Her booth contained some of the strongest + most unique work in the show.

Crystal shows me a beautiful pattern by Eleanor Grosch (inspired by the traditional patterns of the Otomi people) which went on to become a gorgeous bedding set for Land of Nod. (see below!)

Shelley conducted a quick fire interview with Chrystal of Magnet Reps. You can read it here.

 2. Frank Sturges

 Like Magnet, Frank Sturges is another well established illustration agency which reps a stable of very strong artists.  His booth contained gorgeous banners displaying the work of The Heads of State, Jessica Hische + Gina Triplett.
 A close up of The Heads of State banner.

3. Sorry You're Happy
Kyle Reed + Jen Hsieh of Sorry You're Happy

Sorry You're Happy is a Toronto based studio made up of husband + wife illustrators Kyle Reed + Jen Hsieh. Their corner booth was very fresh looking and beautifully put together.  It was exciting to see that in addition to their own unique work - Kyle + Jen were exhibiting work from two other Toronto based illustrators Katy Dockrill + Aaron Leighton.

More on Sorry You're Happy on the uppercase blog here.

New York Day 1

Ok! Finally getting around to posting some photos from my very fun business trip to NYC last week.

Saturday evening I met up with Illustrator/ Surface Designer Helen Dardik in SOHO.

Within an hour of meeting up Helen + I had our first celebrity citing: Photographer Terry Richardson. Ooooh ahh.

One of Helen's Patterns.
I really like the density of her work + her unusual colour combos.

Helen stops to take some shots while strolling through the West Village.

Side Note!: Check out Helen's fabulous Orla Kiely bag which I think could be renamed 
"the official purse of successful artsy woman everywhere."

Over dinner - as expected - Helen had lots of interesting things to say. Wildest discovery = the fact that she's an extreme night owl with regular work hours between 10 pm + 4am. Whoa!
After reading Helen's blog + hearing about her for many years through friends it was great to finally meet her.
You can read my full interview with Helen over on the uppercase blog.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New York

I'm in New York - staying with a friend on the Upper West Side.
For the next 3 days I'll be attending SURTEX: The National Surface Design show on behalf of uppercase magazine. While at The Javits Centre I hope to also pop into The National Stationary show and The ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) which are running simultaneously with SURTEX.  Am off right now to meet Helen Dardik for an interview. Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Toronto Star Mother's Day Gift guide

My Hudson's Bay Tea towel appeared in last Saturday's issue of the Toronto Star in the Mother's Day gift guide. Sandra Rojas-Chinni from La Merceria is featured in the piece with her list of suggested gifts for the hard to please mom.  In case you haven't been...La Merceria is a very sweet shop/cafe tucked away at 506 Adelaide St. West. It's full of carefully selected home accessories. Definitely worth a visit.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some kitchen sketches

All images are available for licensing through my agency i2iart.

Great reference Book: Print + Pattern 2

 I'm working on a new surface design project this week + for inspiration have been consulting Print + Pattern 2 by Bowie Style (aka Marie Perkins - who writes the very popular blog of the same name).

The book is great for getting ideas for new colour combinations to use in one's work.
I absolutely love the colour combos which Jessica Jones has used in her Calliope pattern above. Both colourways are sooo juicy.
The book includes some of my favourite illustrators and/or designers including Lab Partners, Donna Wilson,  Dwell Studio + the fabulous Rob Ryan above.
A great reference book and methinks essential for any surface designer's library.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Salon Night

Salon Night with Colleen, Jen, Heather, Kim, Donna + Lynda.
Donna's great baked brie + almond appetizer 
Heather Shaw has such great layered style. Love her wrap around thingies, + mary jane shoes.
She's going on my aspirational  "How to dress" Pinterest board!

 Donna serves the delish shrimp pasta
Dinner is served.
Animated conversation above and ice cream from Ed's below.