Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Books to read over the holidays

This has been zany fall.
Looking very forward to nuzzling by a fire with a few of these books.
ps. I don't have a fire but you get the sentiment!

The Englishman who Posted Himself by John Tingey
I love anything to do with postage and quirkiness!
Recommended by the wise folks at Very Short List.

The Exquisite Book 100 Artists Play a Collaborative Game by Julia Rothman

Anything on swiss miss's amazon list!
(fyi it includes fabulous suggestions for kid's books + gifts too)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Images from the Weekend

Took my nephew Graeme to the Tim Burton show at Bell Lightbox.

Our feet against the floor painted classic Burton black and white.

Graeme (Budding filmmaker) engrossed at the TIFF Bookshop.
I love this photo.

Eggs Benny at the Drake. yum.
(ps. I did not have weekends like this when I was 10!)

Friday, November 26, 2010

News: Telegramme Prints

Beginning next week my prints will be available framed and unframed at Telegramme Prints in Toronto. Telegramme has two locations:
1103 Queen St East in Leslieville

and a new shop at 194 Ossington Avenue in the West End.

Telegramme carries work from a wonderfully electic group of artists including Charley Harper, Shinzi Katoh and Shepard Fairey. They also do great custom framing using conservation framing materials + methods.

News: Royer Objets & Trouvailles

For my customers in Quebec...
Some of my prints are now available at
Royer Objets & Trouvailles
207 Avenue Laurier Ouest
in Montréal

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Margot Austin's Break up with Restoration Hardware

It's called the Antique Hungarian Sleigh Bench... and as Margot says "I'm here to tell you -- that ain't no antique."

A while my friend Kim pointed out Margot Austin's hilarious post about breaking up with Restoration Hardware which I emphatically agreed with .She described their entire line as "a massive jumble of greigy industrial Belgian via Atlanta and a factory in Asia."Great.
She then went on to explain "My beef is with the faux olde-timeyness. I'd so much rather own something old than some new thing that underpaid laborers worked for hours on trying to make it look old. Faux olde-timeyness is one of my hated design conceits. And Restoration Hardware has really gone for it here.

Could not have said it better.Right on Margot!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brilliant: The Theory of Hipster Relativity

The cartoon reads
" There is no such thing as a hipster on it's own. A hipster can only exist in comparison." So true.

Dustin really nailed the current outfits and accessories.

The lumberjack guy with beard + banjo and Gin making Dandy just walked past my window!

Thanks Linda and Myles.

Sketches: Tea pots

Experimenting with some pattern ideas
Lime green + grey = favourite colour combo

Monday, November 22, 2010

Images from Weekend

Dinner with friends

Cozy fire afterwards

A visit to the Ossington strip

Great Shinzi Katoh poster at Telegramme

Virginia Johnson's hand painted sign on door

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Triangle Lofts Opening Party

Neighbours Charlie and Carol

The Gallery

Fellow Illustrator and Bon Vivant Harvey Chan

Delicious butternut squash soup served in shot glasses. Yum.

Exterior of building

The Artscape party last Thursday evening was a blast. Fabulous catering and booze supplied by Iler Campell. Thank you Iler Campbell! Lots of hijinks with fellow Artscapers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting ready....


A sneak peek at the Gallery

Tomorrow is the official opening of the Artscape Triangle Lofts so today there were many folks dashing about putting finishing touches on the building. Our building includes a gallery on the first floor (!!) and to celebrate the opening we have mounted a group show called "This must be the Place" which will open tommorrow. Above a sneak peek.

These are the BEFORE pics...

My livingroom for just one more day. (Thank God)

My very temporary office.
Fancy L shaped desk fashioned from Bentwood chair plus my monitor + tv boxes = Glamour.

Home decor update:
Nixed the idea of the polished concrete floors. Too pricey.
Am getting a sisal rug put in tomorrow for the livingroom.
Can't wait to show you the AFTER pics!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Egg + How to Host a Dinner Party

Our entertaining teacher Corey Mintz

Happy student with Hot buttered Bourbon

Love these Marimekko mugs

Adorable Mugs with lids by the amazing Japanese illustrator Shinzi Katoh.
ps. I really like these and Christmas is coming. Hint.

Last night I attended a very fun evening at Good Egg.
Toronto Star columnist Corey Mintz
conducted a course called How to Host a Dinner Party - Without losing your mind. Corey was the ideal person to teach such a course as he hosts a dinner party every single week in his home and then writes about it in his very entertaining column FED. The evening was full of much laughter, helpful tips and an incredible Buttered Bourburn aperitif to end off the festivities! Yum.
Classes at Good Egg = Highly recommended.

ps. A visit to Good egg always equals a feast for the eyes. Mika hand picks tchotchkes from around the world for her shop so there is always much eye candy to inspire.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Little sketch: Vintage ink bottle

Experimenting with a colour treatment with vintage paper in background

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One of the coziest dinners ever: Penne al forno

The recipe.

Last night I had one of the coziest dinners ever: Penne al Forno con Pomodoro e Mozarella.
(which is basically a big baked dish of cheesy pasta!) yum.
As the nights grow chillier dinners like these really warm my heart.
I feel cozy just looking at the photo.

Inspiration: Mid century designers

Olle Eksell

Alvin Lustig
Love the little flecky lines and amoebish bodies. (Similar to Alexander Girard)

Alvin Lustig
Love how simply the bridge is represented
It almost looks like it was torn out of paper

Paul Rand
Just gorgeous.
Love the very simple ink bottle contrasted with the elaborate stamp
(Rand was all about contrast)

I'm working on a book cover tonight. Am trying to keep it very minimal. When warming up I often go through some my favourites for inspiration. They include many mid century graphic designers: Paul Rand, Alvin Lustig, Alex Steinweiss and Olle Eksell.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Artscape Triangle Lofts (My home) in the news

Tonight my neighbour Charlie (seen above playing the sax) pointed out that there was a nice article in the Post yesterday on our home. (I see Charlie hasn't gotten curtains yet either. :-))

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sketch: The Freelancer's Clock

Can you relate?

Holy Interiors porn!

The Kitchen in the film Mammoth

Successful New york couple played by Gael Garcia Bernal + Michele Williams.

Nothing like your own private deck in the middle of Soho!

A while back Apartment Therapy did a really great post on the Top Ten Decor Inspiration films which elicited a huge response amongst readers who chimed in with their own favourite 'decor' movies. Last week I watched a film which could easily be added to the list: Mammoth was written + directed by Swedish director Lukas Moodysson and centers around the life of a young + ultra successful New York couple played by the gorgeous Gael Garcia Bernal + Michele Williams. The couple live in an enormous penthouse apt in the middle of Soho complete with giant pillars and dreamy red kitchen! It's kinda ridiculous but quite fun to look at. Highly recommended if into Interiors porn and/or snooping around New York apts. (sigh!) ps. This film is available on Netflix.ca!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Inside Job WOW

Really amazing. Go see it.

Director Charles Ferguson
His pathological directness is inspirational.
Never before have I heard a documentary maker calmly say to his subject "You gotta be kidding?" or "Excuse me but you can't be serious"

Saw the Inside Job on the weekend.
As the Globe's Liam Lacey writes Writer/Director Charles Ferguson does an amazing job of "skewering squirming lobbyists, government apologists and academic flacks who stand on the wrong side of the public good". My favourite part of the film is hearing Ferguson's bold comments which can be heard off-camera mid interview. Loved that!

Second best part of film is the fantastic opening credit sequence which is underscored with Peter Gabriel's Big Time. I thought I kinda hated that song but it really works in this context.
Highly recommended and sure to inspire you to put all your money under the mattress.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Press: 10 ANSWERS

I'm featured on 10 ANSWERS today: A site which "serves up daily interviews with creative minds". Thrilled to be included on the same site as 3 of my favourite creative women: Maira Kalman, Olimpia Zagnoli and Jessica Hische.
10 ANSWERS was founded in New York City by designer and writer Rebecca Silver.
Thanks Rebecca.

New screen and new prints on their way!

A brand new screen with images for 4 prints:

Close up of the 2 layers of the shoe print.
The first layer is the colour and just looks blobby.
The second layer is the line work which gives the print it's definition.
The same process goes for all prints below.

Here is what the Librarian show print will look like except more 'printy' looking and on nicer paper!

Close up of the 2 layers for the iron print.

End result.

Close up of mannequin layers.

Back by popular Demand: A reprint of the Ochre mannequin print.

Close up of the Grater layers on the screen.

Ta da! Again this gives you an idea of what the finished print will look like. It'll be screened on a archival lovely paper with a jagged edge.
(Hmm.. wouldn't this be a perfect xmas giftie for the cook in your life?)

Happy to report that I have a new silk screen ready and will soon have some new small prints available. There'll be 3 new images: Librarian shoe, Little Iron, and Little Grater and a reprint of the Ochre Mannequin in small format. I'll provide details of all sizes and prices soon but wanted to get these pics up pronto!

Added bonus: these prints will be available both through myself and at the wonderful workroom. (More on that later!) Another added bonus: I will be doing very large runs of these small prints in order to make the prices more affordable. In the meantime please email me if you're interested in a print.

One more pic taken of the screen facing outside my window.I thought it was kinda a sexy shot.
I love the groovy grafitti that I get to look at all day.