Friday, November 5, 2010

Inside Job WOW

Really amazing. Go see it.

Director Charles Ferguson
His pathological directness is inspirational.
Never before have I heard a documentary maker calmly say to his subject "You gotta be kidding?" or "Excuse me but you can't be serious"

Saw the Inside Job on the weekend.
As the Globe's Liam Lacey writes Writer/Director Charles Ferguson does an amazing job of "skewering squirming lobbyists, government apologists and academic flacks who stand on the wrong side of the public good". My favourite part of the film is hearing Ferguson's bold comments which can be heard off-camera mid interview. Loved that!

Second best part of film is the fantastic opening credit sequence which is underscored with Peter Gabriel's Big Time. I thought I kinda hated that song but it really works in this context.
Highly recommended and sure to inspire you to put all your money under the mattress.

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