Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New screen and new prints on their way!

A brand new screen with images for 4 prints:

Close up of the 2 layers of the shoe print.
The first layer is the colour and just looks blobby.
The second layer is the line work which gives the print it's definition.
The same process goes for all prints below.

Here is what the Librarian show print will look like except more 'printy' looking and on nicer paper!

Close up of the 2 layers for the iron print.

End result.

Close up of mannequin layers.

Back by popular Demand: A reprint of the Ochre mannequin print.

Close up of the Grater layers on the screen.

Ta da! Again this gives you an idea of what the finished print will look like. It'll be screened on a archival lovely paper with a jagged edge.
(Hmm.. wouldn't this be a perfect xmas giftie for the cook in your life?)

Happy to report that I have a new silk screen ready and will soon have some new small prints available. There'll be 3 new images: Librarian shoe, Little Iron, and Little Grater and a reprint of the Ochre Mannequin in small format. I'll provide details of all sizes and prices soon but wanted to get these pics up pronto!

Added bonus: these prints will be available both through myself and at the wonderful workroom. (More on that later!) Another added bonus: I will be doing very large runs of these small prints in order to make the prices more affordable. In the meantime please email me if you're interested in a print.

One more pic taken of the screen facing outside my window.I thought it was kinda a sexy shot.
I love the groovy grafitti that I get to look at all day.


ChampagneMaker said...

OHHH, I spy Judy and I love her! Everyone comments on my Judy print and I love her sooo much! Hope you are well, life is busy, but I'm always reading and love your work so much as always!! xocm

karyn said...

oooh. exciting to get a sneak peek of your prints!

Tracie said...

Love the new prints and happy to see Judy back. Any plans on a red Judy? If so count me in for one!
I am going to send you a photo of the suit "in situ" - Kim hung it the night of my 40th birthday as a surprise from my husband! I almost fell down the stairs when I saw it!

Alanna Cavanagh said...

Thank you so much Champagne and Tracie.
Champagne - am so glad you're lovin' your judy and Tracie I really look forward to your in situ pic.

Wendy said...

These are AMAZING! They remind of pre-pop Warhol, which is some of my favorite work.