Monday, January 26, 2015

New sketch: Elle Decor Editor in Chief Michael Boodro

I read this colour pronouncement on Michael Boodro's Instagram on Friday and thought it was so cute -- just had to make an illustration of it. 
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

New work: Jenna Lyons

I would call her style  'elegant librarian' with an androgynous eccentric edge.
I love how her outfits fuse colours, textures, patterns + materials in a quirky mix.

#fashion #illustration #style #icon

Friday, January 16, 2015

Illustrations for Globe and Mail Style

I ended 2014 with one of my favourite illustration gigs ever: 
The cover + 6 illustrations for Globe and Mail Style. 
Art direction by Bryan Gee. 

Globe Style Cover
I incorporated collage elements into all the illos.

I was really happy with this hand and champagne glasses. 
It was Bryan 's idea to add a gold frame to the server's cuff for an over the top 'richy rich' look.

Had a lot of fun doing this overhead brunch scene. I love drawing hands!

This illo shows how a guest can be helpful for a Holiday host. :-)

This illo accompanied a piece by the owner of Joe Beef.
This 'big group of people celebrating in the woods' scene winter is based on my own very cozy get togethers in my favourite cottage in Kazabazua Quebec. 
Feel cozy just looking at it. :-) #grateful #happy 

#illustration #food illustration #fashion illustration #cooking illustration

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Highlights from LA and PalmSprings

A few photos from a very fun trip to L.A. and Palm Springs.

 The stunning Venice Canals

Blown away by all the contemporary architecture in Venice
This is along the boardwalk

 The lobby of The Palihouse West Hollywood!
Staying here was a huge highlight of my trip.
Interior Design by Heather Ashton

Look at this gorgeous space. Full kitchen! Gorgeous mix of materials rugs, marble, velvet etc etc. Loved.
 Gjelina on Abbot Kinney!
Great food and people watching.

 On Sunset Blvd.

Another highight was visiting my friend fellow Illustrator Betsy Everitt in her beautiful home in Brentwood. Here she is in her garden.

Betsy's House on Canyon Road

 Fantastic cafe!
Joan's on Third in L.A.
Best grilled cheese sandwich ever

The Getty
Architect Richard Meier

My sketch

Incredible midcentury architecture in Palm Springs #Donald Wexler

Monday, January 12, 2015

New illustration: Winter runner

Based on my beloved brother Shawn.

In my thoughts everyday and dearly missed.

Holiday Open House + Print Sale 2014 photos

Better late than never :-)

 Among the first arrivals : Kelly Chadda + Git Gustavsson

Talented surface designer (+ cupcake maker!)  Elizabeth Olwen.

 Adorable visitors

 Journalist Karen Von Hahn with her new Mitford silkscreen print

 More adorable visitors

 My fabulous assistant Khahn 
Lifesaver Hardworker Great sense o' humour too

 Raymond + Robyn

One cupcake standing!
The scene Sunday at 6pm