Monday, May 31, 2010

Illustrations for New Book: What to Wear for the Rest of your Life

I liked adding this fun pattern to the tights! She's my kinda girl - with sensible shoes!

Fun leopard print!

Sunny Lily Pulitzer dress
(Did you know her father in law was Joseph Pulitzer - of Pulitzer prize fame?)

This was a sketch which wasn't included in the book.
I liked her big hips and tiny animated feet!

The Book What to Wear for the Rest of your Life by Kim Johnson Gross which I illustrated is in bookstores now.
If interested you can order a copy through me! Makes a nice bday giftie.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back in the Studio

I completed the 2nd pass of my Reading for Profit print today.
Still to come: The title and then coffee and tea staining. ETA = one week!

Salon Voltaire with Artist Charlie Pachter

Charles Pachter with one of his iconic moose paintings

I love this photo of his first art show with life long friend Margaret Atwood

Charles' incredible house - located right behind the AGO
designed by Canadian Architect Steven Teeple

On Friday I went to a Salon Voltaire event at The Spoke Club with guest speaker Charlie Pachter. I found his life story, outrageous chutzpah and great taste in architecture all very inspiring. Charles is most well known for his iconic paintings of Canadian flags, the Royal family and Moose!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Six of the most beautiful words in the english language:
Your mortgage application has been approved.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding Flow

I am rereading one of my favorite books: Finding Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
Quite great. More on it soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back in the Print studio

Screens waiting at home to be taken to the studio

Mixing the blue ink for the first layer

Measure twice Screen Once


And lift

Layer one drying

Mistake grrr.....

I like this picture

Ok For all those folks waiting patiently for your Reading for Profit Print have no fear... Production has begun. ETA = 2 - 3 more weeks. Thanks for your patience!

Delicious fabrics

mmm.... what a great colour combination

I love this bold graphic print - and the colours are so juicy.

Some gorgeously vibrant fabrics found at Designer Fabric Outlet on Saturday with lovely friend Kim.
Both these fabrics would make great pillows or perhaps a screen or room divider thingy.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dreaming of my new Space...

Am re-reading a fantastic book Living Large in Small Spaces by Marisa Bartolucci.
It has dozens of really great inspirational spaces - most from NYC. Consequently there is a lot of murphy bed action! Highly recommended.

Press: Remodelista

Yesterday San Francisco based Remodelista included my work in their post on Penguin Books as art. I will be beginning work on a second edition of these prints starting tommorrow. Tune in for pictures of the whole inky process!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Decor Inspiration: Here's what you can do with a garage!

Jeff in his transformed garage
Decorated almost exclusively through Craig's list!
The ladder leads to a cozy hide away space

Hide away on platform
Looks abit messy here - Trust me very cozy

A Kilmn - One of the best ways to warm up a space methinks
This one purchased from the fabulous illustrator Henrik Drescher when he was leaving town = good vibes

Ingenious storage

Squeegee storage

Screen storage

The day after I signed on the dotted line to buy a big white cement box (my loft) it was very inspiring + comforting to visit my friend Jeff Garcia who has transformed a humble garage into this psychedelic print making studio. The space is very inviting with tons of colour, plants, ingenious storage and a special cozy hideaway space up top. Has inspired me to build a cozy bedroom on a platform in my new space.
(= Refuge)

Jeff runs Halo Halo screen printing. Check it out here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More on my New Home

My building OOhh Ahh.

Queen West Street car outside my door

Neighbour across the street


Neighbour Woolfitts Art supplies

Thanks to everyone for their Congrats on the new condo messages.:-)
They were lovely to receive.
My space is officially a loft so I'll call it that from now on because that sounds more glam.
Are you rolling your eyes?
Here is a shot of the building amidst much dust + construction [ohh the glamour) and a few pics of the hood.(Same hood I am in now just a bit more East)
How much do I love that the streetcar is outside my door?

What makes us happy in our Home: Prospect and Refuge

There is a a great show on cbc radio 1 right now discussing what makes us feel happy in our home. Behavioural Psychologist Colin Ellard is stating that we basically need two kinds of space: Prospect and Refuge.* These needs are deeply biological based on our ancestor's need to protect ourselves from threats (refuge) and our need to see a vista and peruse our Bounty! (Prospect)
Unfortunately I think most Lofts have neither....but I think you can build them in.

* I think Frank LLoyd Wright coined this idea. Winnifred Gallagher also discusses it her her book House Thinking. A good read.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

News Flash: I bought a condo today

Freshly signed agreement and Artscape info package in bicycle basket.
Next stop: The LCBO for a celebratory bottle o wine!

I bought a condo today.
It is built by Artscape - a fantastic not-for-profit urban development organization which revitalizes buildings and ensures that artists aren't priced out of their neighbourhoods by providing affordable ownership opportunities for them.
Sounds like I got that from a flyer but I promise I didn't.
Yay Artscape and Yay new home.
ps. Warning: This blog will be probably get a bit more decor focused in the next couple months as I plan my new pad! It is a big open space so I am already investigating room divider possibilities.

Monday, May 17, 2010

OK That's It: Keep Calm and Carry On has officially Jumped the Shark

Oy vey.

Keep Calm and have a Cupcake?

Spotted in Indigo Books on Saturday:
Keep Calm and Carry on mugs, thermoses, tins, journals and carrying bags.
Need I say more?

How to display little pieces of artwork

The livingroom of printmaker Hugo Guiness
As the Style bloggers would say.. LOVE!

More of his prints
After I posted my little iron sketch yesterday I was thinking about one of my fave printmakers Hugo Guiness. He creates small lino cuts of everyday objects. I first saw his stuff beautifully displayed at the John Derian shop in NYC. (6 East Second Street) (I know, I know-- another reference to John Derian) The collection of mismatched frames in all different shapes + finishes made for a fantastic display. The key is to include a few gold ones to add depth and patina. FYI They are often going cheap at garage sales!
The photo of Hugo's livingroom has inspired me to do some small black and white prints on tanned paper. Then I'll sell them and you too can have a little salon wall like this. STAYED TUNED!

Little sketch

1960s iron. I had one like this growing up.
The 2 prong cord now looks so dangerous!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News Flash: More S is for Swing and Alphabet legs to be printed

Hi there
Due to popular demand I will be printing 3rd editions of my S is for Swing and Alphabet legs prints which are currently sold out. Please send me an email to be put on the waiting list.
S is for Swing measures 14" x 22".
Alphabet legs measures 12" x 22".

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hot Docs: 12 Views on Vermeer

Have always loved this hot docs logo.
Anybody know who designed it? So great.

One of the 12 artists inspired by Vermeer: Photographer Steve Mccurry
(The guy who shot the famous Afghan girl photo)

Post film:
Brunch and going over my notes from my trusty journal

Saw the documentary 12 Views on Vermeer at Hot Docs today. Was fantastic - ranking up there with Gary Huswit's Helvetica - which for me is saying a lot.
I loved that the director Hans Pool took a Vermeerish approach to his filmmaking. Instead of staging perfect scenes he filmed the interviewees while they went about ordinary quiet activities in their natural surroundings like doing dishes or opening their email. He even included the cleaning staff vacuuming around the Vermeers at the MET. Cute.
The film is made up of interviews with 12 different artists, writers and photographers whose lives and work have been touched by the 17th Century painter.
I thought the best commentator on the artist was Alain de Botton, (one of my favourite writers) who explained that Vermeer's biggest appeal is his sense of peacefulness. He then offered that it is then no wonder that people are endlessly attracted to his pieces because "We fall in love with something that we don't have enough of in our life".
So true.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Press: Canadian House and Home

Spread with my prints

Olivia's bedroom with Alphabet legs print

Close up of Alphabet legs

Trish's bathroom with Ochre mannequin
(mmm... what a great tub for soaking in)

Close up of mannequin

Findlay's room with A Room of One's Own print

Close up of print

Lovely Trish and her three kids

Three of my prints are featured in the latest issue of Canadian House and Home.(Some subscribers received the issue on Monday but I only got my hands on a copy today!)
Alphabet legs, Ochre Mannequin, and A Room of One's own appear in the home of Chef, TV Host, cookbook author - and gorgeous woman Trish Magwood. Whoops forgot to mention mother of three! Trish is an early collector of my work. She bought two of my prints the opening morning of my first solo show at Jet Fuel Cafe in 2006.
ps. Interiors Note: Do note that Trish is also a fan of the grey wall! Her paint of choice is Farrow + Ball's Skylight.