Monday, May 3, 2010

New Work: VIV Magazine

It didn't take long to be asked to draw an IPAD!

Close up
This is my sexy librarian gal

Close up
Hair based on Betty Draper!

These are 2 of 6 illustrations I created last week for an article on Great Gift gadgets for VIV magazine. Art Director Vickie Elleman asked for the characters and settings to look 1960s Madmen-ish.
Creative Director Campion Primm

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Unknown said...

Oh Alanna, I love these women! You are gifted at creating a whole spangled soul with a lifted eyebrow or a pair of full lips. And I like the infinitely-receding-image motif, like the "Last Visible Dog" in Russell Hoban's book, the Mouse and his Child, or P.K. Page's poetic image of the little Old Dutch Lady. An evocative metaphor for the human spirit, or the universe, or the meaning of life, or you know, almost anything....:)