Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Margot Austin's Break up with Restoration Hardware

It's called the Antique Hungarian Sleigh Bench... and as Margot says "I'm here to tell you -- that ain't no antique."

A while my friend Kim pointed out Margot Austin's hilarious post about breaking up with Restoration Hardware which I emphatically agreed with .She described their entire line as "a massive jumble of greigy industrial Belgian via Atlanta and a factory in Asia."Great.
She then went on to explain "My beef is with the faux olde-timeyness. I'd so much rather own something old than some new thing that underpaid laborers worked for hours on trying to make it look old. Faux olde-timeyness is one of my hated design conceits. And Restoration Hardware has really gone for it here.

Could not have said it better.Right on Margot!

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