Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: The Everyday Bangle

With Mother's Day approaching I'm inspired today to put in a plug for my friend Liz Kingstone.
Liz makes gorgeous jewelry and is also one of the most fearlessly creative people I know.  
I've written about her many times before - here + here + here!)

Liz's own Everyday bangle in silver with the names of her 3 boys custom stamped on to it.
Also shown: the Everyday bangle in brass

The Everyday bangle has long been one of Liz's best sellers. Why so loved?

1. Each bangle is handmade so the piece has a beautiful edgy imperfectness to it. 
2. It has weight + presence but can also blend in with other pieces. 
3. Very comfortable - Liz never takes her off!
4. Makes an IDEAL GIFT as Liz can custom stamp the names of your nearest and dearest on them for a truly special piece. (Great for Grandnothers + Mom in laws too)

ps. Some Celebrity name dropping:  
Liz counts Cindy Crawford amongst her loyal customers. OOh Ahh
Here is Liz rocking her Everyday bangle.

 The Everyday Bangle
Solid sterling silver or solid warm brass
Up to 10 names custom stamped
To order: lizkingstone(at)

 And this just in ... Liz has now started to make Custom sterling silver cufflinks.
See above. Perfect for Father's Day.


Colleen said...

Oh, I so love brass pieces! Pass along to her that her website link on pinterest has a typo, please (on one of her earlier posts).

Ann said...

OMG and WOW! April is my birthday month, I think I want an Everyday Bangle, well actually I am sure that I need one! Question is silver or brass....??