Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some new sketches

These are some sketches from a book cover project I was recently working on.
The protagonist of the story is a 12 year girl who loves to read.

(A person immersed in a good book is one of my absolute favourite subjects to draw and always reminds me of my dear brother Shawn who loved to read*)
 After sketching I narrow it down to the above 2 drawings.
 I decide I like this gal with the bangs best and place her in a wing chair.

I decide it'd be a fun and cozy touch to add fabric to the piece so i scan some burnt velvet fabric  and place it into the drawing using Photoshop. To be continued....

* ps. One day I'd love to do a show solely dedicated to images of readers and dedicate the show to my brother Shawn. Now that I've put that in print - I guess I'll have to do it. :-)


Mary deB said...

Nice! But if she's 12, that's a very big chair!

Anonymous said...

Love the illustrations! ALL of them. And I love to read, hint hint ;-)