Monday, January 7, 2013

New sketches: Circus guys

I'm working on a detailed pattern with lots of figures in a circus theme. 
It is inspired by the quirky + very dense wallpapers of Saul Steinberg.
Above is Mr. Flying Trapeeze. We-e-e-e.

Here is Mr. Acrobat with a pennyfarthing.
I was happy with his hairy chest and the loose/unperfectness of the wheels.


Kate said...

Not to be nit-picky, but technically that is a pennyfarthing, or dandyhorse. Also, lovely!

Alanna Cavanagh said...

hi kate
oh yes will correct!

Anonymous said...


Lisa Mackay said...

I love the look of pure confidence and contentment on his face. This man is doing what he was meant to do. ;P

Ann said...

Lovely, and so much fun! Oh et j'aime sa moustache :)

AnneB said...

Love! You need to illustrate children's books!!