Thursday, January 8, 2009

One of my top five for inspiration: Hillman Curtis

Recently I re-listened to Debbie Millman's interview with Filmmaker/Designer /Author Hillman Curtis.
It's available from the website of her radio show Design Matters.
I had first listened to it after I heard him speak at the 2007 Design Thinkers conference. His soulfulness emanated from the stage that day -corny but true! - and I was compelled to learn more about him.
His story of going from work that had become uninspired and routine to work that was very meaningful for him was really inspirational. (And incredibly similiar to the path Frank Gehry outlined in the documentary Sketches of Frank Gehrey.. but I digress)
I loved how Hillman encouraged artists to be vulnerable and keep themselves open. My favorite line from the interview was "When I do work that feels really true... I feel closer to God.
Great guy.

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