Monday, June 15, 2009

Lisa Levitt

Lisa Levitt, "Folded Shirt", Linocut on Usukuchi Kozo.

Lisa's kitchen

My friend Lisa Levitt passed away this past Saturday June 13th. She was a friend from both the Y and Open Studio.(A printmaking studio in Toronto)
In addition to being a talented printmaker - specializing in lino cut- Lisa was smart, funny, fiercely independant, and possessed a remarkable visual style. Her apartment was one of my favorite spaces in the city to visit as it had such an incredible soul to it. It was filled with bold paint colours, found objects, art work made by herself and her friends, tons of books, marimekko textiles, and stacks of new yorker magazines. Her style and ability to combine objects together in wonderous ways was remarked upon many, many times at the memorial today. Open studio is in the process of publishing a catalogue of her work. I will post a link to it when it's ready.

She will be dearly missed and remembered always.

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