Monday, August 3, 2009

Berlin: Some young Designers

Berlin Fashion week headquarters at Bebelplatz on the historic Unter den Linden

Poster for Arkonamarkt Fleamarket

Berlin Beauties

Fashion designer Lisbet Carnegie Krebs of espendru at her booth wearing one of her fabulous frocks (with pockets ofcourse!)

Anja Werner's Lovely embroidered birds

Loved the contrasting pink zipper on this sweater. Fun.

Lovely Thea Altman of Hut up
(A Berlin beauty who could be Miranda July's doppelganger!)

Look at this stunning dress from Hut Up design - made of felt.I want one.

Thea sewing a stuffed felt animal for the shop.

Finally a chance to post a few more highlights from Berlin.
In collaboration with Berlin Fashion Week dozens of young designers set up booths at the Arkonamarkt Fleamarket on the last day of my visit.
A big highlight for me were the dresses and skirts of Lisbet Carnegie Krebs.
When I asked her to describe her designs she said they are 1/4 coquette, mixed with 3/4 working girl - and emphasized that all her pieces must have pockets - because busy working girls need pockets!
That's my kind of woman.

The quirky felt dresses spotted in Hut up, a beautiful shop located in Mitte at Oranienburger Str. 32 were also very sigh worthy.

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