Monday, February 15, 2010

Field trip: Anthropologie

Wall treatment on 2nd floor

Wall by Vanessa Bell of the Bloomsbury group

Astrid chair Yum.

Took a field trip to the new Anthropologie store here in Toronto to get inspired for a new project I'm working on. (I look at the displays - not the clothes!) I particularly liked some of their wall treatments which looked very Bloomsbury inspired to me. The one included reminded me a lot of one of the walls that Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant painted in their famous Charleston farmhouse.
(fyi if you like these I recommend the book Charleston: A Bloomsbury House and Gardens written by Quentin Bell..
A great read.
I was also taken by the shop's Astrid chair with it's high back and super happy giant scarlet dahlias! As I mentioned before... how could someone feel sad sitting in this chair?

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Unknown said...

I would like to live there...